Patiño | Vespers for 12 voices. Mass Et exultavit spiritus meus DIGITAL

Carlos Patiño (1600-1675) - Vespers for 12 voices. Mass for 12 voices Et exultavit spiritus meus

338 pages. ISMN 979-0-805412-99-3 (PDF)

Also available in paperback edition

Instrumental parts available on demand.

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This volume includes a collection of Vespers for 12 voices in three choirs, composed by Carlos Patiño, chapel master of the Royal Chapel of Madrid between 1634 and 1675. This collection brings together the psalms for the Vespers for All Saints and the psalms for the Vespers of the Virgin. In addition to the psalms, the collection includes the Canticle Magnificat and the Marian hymn Ave maris stella. Along with the Vespers, a Mass for 12 voices "Et exultavit spiritus meus" is published in this volume, which is also part of the collection. This work is a "parody mass" or "imitation mass" based on the materials from the Magnificat a12.


- Dixit Dominus a 12SSAT-SATB-SATB, bc.
- Beatus vir a 12SSAT-SATB-SATB, bc.
- Laudate Dominum a 12SSAT-SATB-SATB, bc.
- Laetatus sum a 12SSAT-SSAT-SATB, bc.
- Lauda Ierusalem  a 12SSAT-SATB-SATB, bc.
- Ave maris stella a 8SSAT-SATB, bc.
- Magnificat  a 12SSAT-SATB-SATB, bc.

- Misa a 12 Et exultavit spiritus meusSSAT-SATB-SATB, bc.

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