Vivanco, Pontac | Motet and Mass Veni dilecte mi DIGITAL

Sebastián de Vivanco (ca.1551-1622) - Motete a 8 Veni dilecte mi
Diego de Pontac (ca.1602-1654) - Misa a 8 Veni dilecte mi

73 pages. ISMN 979-0-805412-79-5 (PDF)

Also available in paperback edition

Instrumental parts available on demand.

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In this volume we publish the Mass Veni dilecte mi for 8 voices by Diego de Pontac (ca. 1602-1654), one of the most appreciated chapel masters in his time, although his works are seldom performed nowadays. This mass is a "parody mass", based on the Marian motet Veni dilecte mi by Sebastián de Vivanco (ca. 1551-1622), whose text is taken from the Song of Songs (7: 11-13). It is known that Pontac succeeded Vivanco in 1622 in the chapel magisterium of the Salamanca Cathedral, so he knew his work well.


- Sebastián de Vicanco (ca.1551-1622): Motet for 8 voices Veni dilecte miSATB-SATB.

- Diego de Pontac (ca. 1602-1654): Mas for 8 voices Veni dilecte mi. SATB-SATB, bc.

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