Rogier, Patiño | Videntes stellam and Mass for 12 voices DIGITAL

Felipe Rogier (ca.1561-1596) - Videntes stellam a 12
Carlos Patiño (1600-1675) - Misa a 12 Videntes stellam

167 pages. ISMN 979-0-805412-97-9 (PDF)

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Instrumental parts available on demand.

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This volume includes the Mass for 12 voices Videntes stellam by Carlos Patiño (1600-1675), master of the Royal Chapel of Felipe IV and Carlos II. Patiño's work is a "parody mass" or "imitation mass" that uses the materials from the eighth responsory of the Epihany Matins Videntes stellam by Felipe Rogier (1560/61-1596), master of the Royal Chapel at the end of the reign of Felipe II. Rogier's responsory was sung in the Royal Chapel during the seventeenth century and perhaps until 1750, when the custom of singing Christmas villancicos was extinguished in the Royal Chapel. The Patiño Mass was possibly composed to be sung in the Royal Chapel during the Epiphany Mass (January 6), at which time the "offering of the three chalices" took place. Before the altar steps, the monarch himself, representing the Magi, offered three silver cups with gold, incense and wax inside.


- Felipe Rogier  (ca.1561-1696): Videntes stellam a 12SSAT-SATB-SATB, bc.

- Carlos Patiño (1600-1675): Misa a 12 Videntes stellam. SSAT-SATB-SATB, bc.

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