The work of recovering Hispanic musical heritage carried out by ARS HISPANA would not be possible without the musicians and institutions with which we collaborate.
We offer the following services to music groups and interested institutions:

- Transcription, edition and layout of books and sheet music.
- Musicological advice.
- Edition of instrumental parts.
- Edition of arrangements for musicians.
- Design of concert programmes (selection of works and transcription).
- Texts for concert programme booklets.
- CD liner notes.
- Cataloging / inventoring of music collections.
- Lectures.
- Press releases.

For any questions, write us using the CONTACT FORM.

Our associated groups in the 2020/2021 season:

Concerto 1700    Forma Antiqva   Íliber ensemble          L'Apotheose    Los Afectos Diversos  La Gurilande      Opera Omnia       

ARS HISPANA has collaborated with the following ensembles and orchestras:

Australian Brandenburg Orchestra   Academia 1750       Academia Vocal de Granada     La Boz Galana            Capilla Jerónimo de Carrión    Chiavette       parnaso.jpg                  La Pícara          Los Músicos de Su Alteza        Sinfónica de Galicia   Orquesta del SODRE        Aarón Zapico

And with these institutions:

BNE    Amics de la Música de la Colònia de Sant Pere    ESMUC    Academia de Polifonía Española

Conservatorio Superior de Asturias    Conservatorio Superior de Aragón        Comunidad de Madrid. Cultura