Reynoso | Six string quartets DIGITAL

José María Reynoso (ca.1740-1802) - Six string quartets

115 pages. ISMN 979-0-805412-49-8 (papel)

Also available in paperback edition

Instrumental parts available on demand.

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This volume contains the six string quartets composed by José María Reynoso (ca. 1740-1802), an unknown composer who worked as a tenor in Salamanca Cathedral. These string quartets were acquired by the National Library of Spain and they are related to other Spanish quatets from XVIII century, such as those composed by Boccherini, Brunetti, Canales, Almeida, Ataide y Portugal or Teixidor.

Quartetto Iº

Allegretto - Larguetto - Minuet gracioso

Quartetto IIº

Allegro comodo - Andantino Allegro Moderatto

Quartetto IIIº

Allegro con sprecione - Larguetto Moderatto - Andantino Moderatto

Quartetto IVº

Allegretto con Motto - Larguetto non tanto - Tempo d’Minuet

Quartetto Vº

Allegro non tanto - Larguetto sostenuto - Tempo di Minuet

Quartetto VIº

Andantino-Allegro - Andantino più tosto Larguetto - Andante Gracioso

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