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José de San Juan (1687-1735) - Villancicos Vol. 1

246 pages 2024 ISMN 979-0-805454-49-1 (PDF)

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José Joanetas "San Juan" was born in Olot (Gerona) in 1687, a fact that was unknown until the publication of this volume. In 1697 he entered as a choirboy in the Cathedral of Sigüenza. According to a document preserved in the General Archive of the Royal Palace, in 1707 he was in Madrid working as a teacher at the Real Colegi ode Niños Cantores, replacing Sebastián Durón after his departure for French exile. In 1708 he occupied the post of chapel master of the Cathedral of Sigüenza, having been very positively valued in the oppositions to the magisterium. Finally, in 1711 he was appointed chapel master of the Monastery of the Descalzas Reales in Madrid, a position he held until his death in 1735, a fact that is also provided for the first time in this edition.


- A la fiesta, zagales. Villancico de Navidad a 8 con violines (1728). SSAT-SATB; oboe, 2 violins and bc.

- Céfiros, corra. Villancico a 8 de Navidad con violines y oboe (1723). SSAT-SATB; oboe, 2 violins and bc.

- De repiques de campanas. Villancico a 9 [de Navidad] con violines (1734). B-SSAT-SATB; 2 violins and bc.

- Mírenle cuál tirita. Villancico a 8 de Navidad con violines y oboe (1723). SAT-SATB; oboe, 2 violins and bc.

- Oye, dueño de mi vida. Xácara a 5 de Navidad con violines (1723). T-SSAT, 2 violins and bc.

- Qué será de aquella estrella. Villancico a 4 de Navidad, a los Santos Reyes, con violines. SSAT, 2 violins and bc.

- Un pastorcillo italiano. Pastorela a 6 de Navidad con violines (1734). S-SSAT instrumental bass, 2 violins and bc.

- Una noche que los reyes. Xácara a 5 de Reyes con violines. B-SSAT; 2 violins and bc.

- Venid, pastorcillos. Tonadilla a 6 de Navidad con violines y oboe (1733). B-SSATB; oboe, 2 violins and bc.

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