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Jaime Rosquellas (1738-1806) - Three violin sonatas

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Jaime Rosquellas [or Rosquillas] was born in Barcelona in 1738. He was a member of an important family of musicians from XVIII century. In october 1774 Jaime Rosquellas joined the Royal Chapel of Madrid as a violinist. He played in the chamber of Prince of Asturias, future Charles IV of Spain, and worked for the most important Spanish nobility. He was also violinist of public theaters in Madrid. Jaime Rosquellas died in Madrid in 1806.

Jaime Rosquellas was very famous in his time. Manuel Alonso Ortega published a writing in 1791 entitled Disertación sobre la estimación que se debe dar a la música y sus profesores:

If Greeks regard Apollo as a God because of his skill in lyra playing, ¿What would they do if he see nowadays the famous don Antonio de Lolli, don Manuel Carreras, don Melchor Ronci, don Jaime Rosquillas?”


Sonata I in B-flat major

Allegro - Andante - Allegro

Sonata II in C major

Moderato - Andante - Rondón

Sonata III in A major

[Without tempo indication] - Andante - Allegro

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