Tesoros musicales de la Biblioteca Nacional de España

Tesoros musicales de la Biblioteca Nacional de España. 
L'Apothéose Ensemble

Laura Quesada, traverso
Víctor Martínez, violin
Carla Sanfélix, cello
Asís Márquez, harpsichord

DM & DM RECORDS 001 (2017)

12,40 €

Among the rich holdings housed in the National Library of Spain, one can find several collections of sheet music, both printed and manuscript, many of which are unique exemplars that can't be found elsewhere. The earliest collections come from the old Royal Library, founded in 1712 by Philip V of Spain within a French-inspired cultural program that included the creation of the Royal Academy of the Spanish Language, as well as the History and Fine Arts Academies. 

This CD presents a selection of works from the pre-1800 instrumental music collection preserved in the National Library of Spain, here recorded for the first time, and that can also be taken as a sample of what was heard in the Spain of the Enlightenment in the second half of the 18th century. 

1-3 Tommaso Giordani (ca.1730-1806)
Trio nº 3 in D major   

4-6 Francisco Manalt (ca.1710-1759)
Sonata nº 5 in f minor for violin 

7-9 Félix Máximo López (1742-1821) 
Sonata in d minor for harpsichord

10-12 Karl Friedrich Abel (1723-1787) 
Trio nº 4 op. 3 in D major   

13-14 Carlo Canobbio (ca.1741-1822)
Dueto nº 6 op. 1 in C major                            

15 Juan Sessé y Balaguer (1736-1801)
Sonata in C major for harpsichord

16-17 Karl Philipp Stamitz (1745-1801)
Trio nº 4 op. 14 in g minor

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