L'Apothéose Ensemble

Laura Quesada, traverso
Víctor Martínez, violin
Carla Sanfélix, cello
Asís Márquez, harpsichord
& Ramiro Morales, archlute and guitar

IBS CLASSICAL 162019 001 (2019)

12,36 €

In their last recording project Handel Tribute, L’Apothéose pays homage to the great composer by performing six chamber music top pieces chosen from his op. 2, op. 5 and solo instrument with basso continuo repertoire. Mozart is reputed to have said of G. F. Händel (1685-1759): Handel understands affect better than any of us. When he chooses, he strikes like a thunder bolt. L’Apothéose is considered as one of the reference groups in the historical interpretation in Spain. In recent years the ensemble has won 12 national and international awards including the First Prize at the 2019 York Early Music International Young Artists Competition (United Kingdom), First Prize at the Göttingen Händel Competition 2017(Germany), Second Prize at the prestigious Internationaal Van Wassenaer Competition 2018 within the Oude Muziek Festival in Utrecht (Netherlands) and the Second Prize at the Concours International de Musique Ancienne de Val de Loire 2017 (France) chaired by William Christie. All these merits have brought L’Apothéose to become “Ensemble in Residence” of the 2019/2020 season of the CNDM (Centro Nacional de Difusión Musical) in Spain and to the main international and national venues.

1-5 Triosonate N. 4 Op. 2 in F major HWV 389

6-9 Violin sonata in D minor HWV 359a

10-14 Triosonate N. 2 Op. 5 in D major HWV 397

15-18 Sonata in D major HWV 371

19-22 Triosonate N. 1 Op. 2 in B minor HWV 386b                        

23-27 Triosonate N. 1 Op. 5 in A major HWV 396

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