Brunetti | Complete oboe sextets

Cayetano Brunetti (1744-1798) | Complete oboe sextets

Robert Silla, oboe

Il Maniatico ensemble
Luis María Suárez, violin
Pablo Martín, violin
Sandra García, viola
Silvina Álvarez, viola
Carla Sanfélix, cello

IBS CLASSICAL 92021 (2021)

14,88 €

Opposing the deprecatory view of a backward and isolated Spain that has prevailed until recently, Brunetti’s music shows that what was composed in the rest of Europe was widely and intensely welcomed in Madrid. Cayetano Brunetti was born in 1744 in Fano, a city located on the Adriatic coast. We know that in 1758, aged 13 or 14, he already lived in Madrid with his father. Due to their unusual instrumentation, the six “Sestetti a due violini, oboe, due viole e violoncello” stand out within Brunetti’s work. According to the manuscript scores, the sextets were composed “per divertimento di S.M.C” (for the amusement of His Catholic Majesty), which means that they were originally written for the concerts that the musicians of the Royal Chamber would perform for Carlos IV. Lightness, emotion, brilliance, and complexity is what gives these sextets their peculiar beauty, which is hardly found in chamber music written during the second half of the 18th century. World premiere recording.

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