Brunetti | Violin sonatas Vol. 7

Cayetano Brunetti (1744-1798) - Violin sonatas Vol. 7

160 pages. 2022 ISMN 979-0-805453-23-1 (paperback)

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Cayetano (or Gaetano) Brunetti is one of the most important composers of the second half of the 18th century in Spain. His work comprises chamber music (sonatas for violin, duos, trios, quartets, quintets, sextets) and symphonic music. He worked for the most important Spanish nobility (the dukes of Osuna and the dukes of Alba). Brunetti composed mainly for the Prince of Asturias, the future Charles IV, being his violin master, chamber musician and, finally, director of the orchestra of the Real Cámara.

We continue with this volume the edition of Cayetano Brunetti's sonatas for violin and bass. Specifically, we publish the first part of the collection of sonatas that Brunetti made expressly for the use of the Prince of Asturias (future Carlos IV). Although the collection consisted of twenty-four sonatas, unfortunately two of them (VI and XXIII) have been lost, reaching us twenty-two. Brunetti's autograph scores (twelve) and scores copied by Francisco Mencía (twenty-two), a copyist who worked for the Prince of Asturias, have been preserved. The collection of sonatas made expressly for the use of the Prince of Asturias must have been composed in the years 1781 and 1782.


Sonata I (L 42) 

Allegro Moderato - Andantino con un poco di Moto - Allegro con Moto

Sonata II (L 43) 

Largo Cantabile / Allegro - Andantino con grazia - Allegretto e non troppo

Sonata III (L 44) 

Moderato e espressivo - Presto - Allegro non Molto

Sonata IV (L 45) 

Allegro Moderato  - Andantino - Rondeau. Allegretto

Sonata V (L 46) 

Allegro Moderato e espressivo - Largo Cantabile - Tempo di Minuetto e con Gusto

Sonata VII (L 47)

Introduzione. Moderato espressivo - Prestissimo al Ponticello - Tempo di Minuetto - Allegretto Molto espresivo

Sonata VIII (L 48)

Allegro Moderato - And[anti]no Gracioso - Allegretto non Molto

Sonata IX (L 49)

Andante Maestoso - Allegro non Molto - Allegretto

Sonata X (L 50)

Andante Moderato - Larghetto Pastorale - Allegro

Sonata XI «de la Tirana» (L 51)

Allegro Moderato - Larghetto Amoroso - Allegro Ma non Molto

Sonata XII (L 52)

Allegro Moderato - Andantino - Allegro spiritoso

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