Durón | Las nuevas armas de Amor DIGITAL

Sebastián Durón (1660-1716) - Las nuevas armas de Amor. Zarzuela

251 pages ISMN 979-0-805412-63-4 (PDF)

Also available in paperback edition

Instrumental parts available on demand.

50,96 €

In this volume of the "Música escénica" collection, we publish the partially sung zarzuela Las nuevas armas de Amor by Sebastián Durón. This zarzuela may have premiered at the Madrid court around 1702-1703, later on being repeated in the Corral del Príncipe in 1711, and in Lisbon theaters in 1721 and 1724. Las nuevas armas de Amor is the first collaboration that we know of between Sebastián Durón and José de Cañizares. The zarzuela stands out for its clear incorporation of the dramaturgical principles imported from the Italian dramma per musica. A fight between Jupiter and Cupid (possibly an allusion to the War of Succession) takes place in the play. Jupiter, at the request of the inhabitants of Cyprus, parts Cupid from his love weapons. Cupid, in order to take revenge, asks his enemy Diana to lend him her weapons, with which he ends up defeating Jupiter. Love and humor scenes are mixed in the main war action thread.

Instruments and choir: 2 violins; SSAT choir.


- Júpiter: spoken and sung role (soprano)
- Cupido: spoken and sung role (soprano)
- Diana: spoken and sung role (soprano)
- Anteo, príncipe: spoken role
- Astrea, dama: spoken role
- Palemón, sacerdote de Júpiter: spoken role
- Zefiso, zagal: spoken role
- Enareta, graciosa: spoken and sung role (soprano)
- Silvio, gracioso: spoken and sung role (tenor)
- Títere, gracioso: spoken role
- Sirene, dama: spoken role
- La Desesperación: soprano
- El Olvido: soprano
- La Fineza: soprano
- Coro de Diana
- Zagales y zagalas

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