Hernández y Llana | Opera a 4 DIGITAL

Francisco Hernández y Llana (ca.1700-1780)  - Opera a 4 for the archbishop of Burgos

173 pages. 2018 ISMN 979-0-805412-36-8 (PDF)

Also available in paperback edition

Instrumental parts available on demand

41,35 €

We publish in this volume of “Música Escénica” a singular  work among the production of Francisco Hernández y Llana (ca. 1700-1780), chapel master in Burgos Cathedral. It is an opera for 4 voices with violins and oboes written in 1741 for the welcome of the new archbishop of Burgos, Diego Felipe Perea Nieto y Magdaleno (1683-1744). It was performed in the colegio de San Jerónimo of Burgos. In this work, four allegorical characters (Fame, Delight, Understanding and Love) welcome the new archbishop and dispute who is more worthy for praise him. This ópera belongs to the Spanish dramatic genre of laudatory "Loa".

Instruments: 2 oboes, 2 violins, bc.


Fama: Soprano
Regocijo: Soprano
- Entendimiento: Alto 
Amor: Tenor

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