Literes | Secular cantatas

Antonio Literes (1673-1747) - Secular cantatas

124 pages 2023 ISMN 979-0-805454-45-3 (paperback)

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This volume includes thirteen secular cantatas by Antonio Literes, "musico de violón" of the Royal Chapel and one of the main Spanish composers of the first decades of the 18th century. Seven of them are fragments taken from stage works, such as comedies or zarzuelas, of which the complete scores have not come down to us. This allows us to complete the image of the Literes composer of scenic music. Some pieces were published by the Imprenta de Música of José de Torres, proof of the appreciation they enjoyed. A good part of Literes' human cantatas are preserved in the so-called "Lera manuscript", from which the accompaniment part was recently located. This manuscript, which once belonged to Fray Agustín de Lera, preacher of His Majesty, presents several problems, which has led us to reconstruct some pieces. The collected works cover a period from the end of the 17th century to the second or third decade of the 18th century, thus showing the musical evolution of Literes.


-Déjame, ingrata, llorar. Soprano and bc

-Déjame, tirano dios. Soprano and bc

-Escuchad, moradores de Delos [de la comedia mitológica Ícaro y Dédalo (1708)]. Soprano and bc

-Estaba Fili hermosa. Soprano and bc

-Fieras, que el monte habitáis [de la zarzuela Con música y por amor (1709)]. Soprano, 2 violins and bc

-Hijo de la espuma (1708). Soprano and bc

-La fuente, el ave y la fiera. Soprano and bc

-Pues entre las deidades. Soprano and bc

-Pues que sufrir no puedo [del baile de la comedia mitológica Júpiter y Dánae (1700)]. Soprano and bc

-¿Qué es esto, temores? Soprano and bc

-Qué poco divierte. Soprano and bc

-Serene el impulso. Soprano, oboe and bc

-Venid, moradores. Soprano and bc

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