Valls | Motets for one voice

Francisco Valls (ca. 1671-1747) - Motets for one voice

84 pages. ISMN 979-0-805412-10-8 (paperback)

Also available in digital format (PDF)

Instrumental parts available on demand.

25,96 €

In this volume we publish 10 motets for one voice by Francisco Valls (ca. 1671-1747), chapel master of the Barcelona Cathedral between 1696 and 1726. Valls is the author of the treatise  Mapa Armónico-Práctico. In his work, while proving to know the complexities of the counterpoint, Valls is open to new aesthetics from France and Italy.


- Ad alligandos reges. Soprano, bc.

- Emitte Spiritum tuum. Alto, 2 violins, bc.

- Flos Carmeli. Tenor, 2 violins, bc.

- Laudate pueri Dominum. Alto, 2 violins, bc.

- O quam gloriosum est regnum. Soprano, 2 violins, bc.

- O Rex  gloriae. Tenor, 2 violins, bc.

- Super omnia ligna cedrorum. Alto, 2 violins in unison, bc.

- Surrexit pastor bonus. Soprano, 2 violins in unison, bc.

- Suscipe Verbum. Alto, 2 violins, bc.

- Tibi soli peccavi. Tenor, 2 flutes, bc.

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