Various authors | Secular cantatas Vol. 1

Various authors - Secular cantatas Vol. 1

84 pages. ISMN 979-0-805412-69-6 (paperback)

Also available in digital edition (PDF)

32,69 €

In this collection we publish a selection of cantadas humanas (secular cantatas) preserved in various archives and libraries. This first volume includes two cantatas by Lorenzo Romero, a barely known musician who worked in Madrid during the second decade of the 18th-century, two cantatas by Juan de Serqueira, a musician active in theater companies, three cantatas by José de Torres, organist and chapel master of the Royal Chapel and, finally, a cantata by Francisco Valls, chapel master of the Cathedral of Barcelona. The theme of these cantatas is mostly amorous. The texts are usually complaints about infidelity, disdain or absence of a lover. The setting is often pastoral, which is in line with the ideals of the Academy of Arcadia.


- Lorenzo Romero. Mudo silencio mío (1716). Soprano, bc.

- Lorenzo Romero. Perdono, Amor (1716). Soprano, bc.

- Juan de Serqueira. En la ribera verde (1715). Soprano, bc.

- Juan de Serqueira. Oh, corazón amante. Soprano, bc.

- José de Torres. Bellísima ocasión de mis cuidados. Soprano, bc.

- José de Torres. La picarilla más bella. Soprano, bc.

- José de Torres. Por el Tenaro monte (1721). Soprano, bc.

- Francisco Valls. Parad, suspended [las iras]. Soprano, bc.

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