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Sebastián de Albero (1722-1754) - Obras para clavicordio o piano forte

263 pages. 2022 ISMN 979-0-805453-27-9 (PDF)

Also available in paperback edition

48,08 €

The Obras para clavicordio o piano forte is one of two surviving collections of keyboard music by Sebastián de Albero (1722-1756), organist of the Real Capilla in Madrid from 1746 until his death. The Obras are dedicated to King Ferdinand VI and Albero conceived them as a gift for being appointed organist and as proof that he deserved the position. They are structured in six "triptychs", each consisting of three movements: a Recercata (unmeasured prelude), a Fugue and a Sonata. As a complement to the edition, a collection of six intentos or fugues is included, which appears copied in some manuscripts from the end of the 18th century. This collection presents versions of five of Albero's fugues included in the Obras, along with an intento or fugue by José Teixidor (1751-ca. 1814).


[Obras en Delasolre] Recercata prima prima - Fuga prima - Sonata prima

[Obras en Alamire] Recercata seconda - Fuga seconda - Sonata seconda

[Obras en Befa] Recercata terza - Fuga terza - Sonata terza

[Obras en Gesolreut] Recercata quarta - Fuga quarta - Sonata quarta

[Obras en Cesolfaut] Recercata quinta - Fuga quinta - Sonata quinta

[Obras en Elami] Recercata sesta - Fuga sesta - Sonata sesta

Edition of six intentos and Intento de D[o]n Josef Texidó de empeño

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