Durón | Coronis

Sebastián Durón (1660-1716) - Coronis. Zarzuela

304 pages 2017 ISMN 979-0-9018852-8-8 (paperback)

Also available in digital edition (PDF)

Instrumental parts available on demand.

57,69 €

Coronis is one of the last and more ambicious theatre works by Sebastian Duron that have survived to our days. It consists of an entirely sung zarzuela of two hours of duration. The luxurious musical manuscript, preserved in the National Library of Spain, is anonymous. However, after a study of the source, the musicologists Raúl Angulo and Antoni Pons concluded that the author of the zarzuela is none other than the famous composer from Brihuega.

There are two main actions in the zarzuela: on one hand, the love dispute between the monster - the "gallant" of the work, to some extent - Triton, the disdainful nymph Coronis and Neptune; and on the other hand, the fight between Neptune and Apollo to obtain the worship of the region of Flegra. The comic characters Menandro and Sirene give a humoristic perspective on both conflicts.

Orchestra and choir: 2 violins, two oboes, two optional flutes, two optional cellos and bc; SSAT choir (divided in two equal choirs in some musical numbers).


- Coronis, nymph, Diana's priestess: soprano
Tritón, marine monster: soprano
- Apolo, god of the Sun: soprano
Neptuno, god of the Sea: soprano
- Proteo, diviner: tenor
- Menandro, comic character: soprano
- Sirene, comic character: soprano
- Iris, nymph: soprano (one aria and one recitative)
- Nymph 1st, 2nd and 3rd: sopranos (in some recitatives) 

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